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  1. Alive and well

    The forums are still operable and open. You can follow us and find your old friends in Facebook and Twitter. Our Facebook is TheSixPercent our Twitter is @sixpercentorg or for me @old_real
  2. Hello

  3. Sixpercent on Twitter

    For all out twitter followers and other Comintern we must have an extended conversation to strategize. Pleas register here st the website. Although still under construction forums work as they should. Soonyou will be able to use your twitter ids but for now, register and use your twitter handle as username to avoid confusion. 1. Identify what major organizations have branches in your area #GLAAD #CAIR #BLM #DSA #DNC #Rainbow/PUSH #NCAI #NOW #LULAC #NAACP and #resist #beenieforever and #stillwithher and similar movements 2. Find out what elections affect your are (we have clickable map on our home page sixpercent.org to help you identify candidates in your area. 3. Contacts all groups you can and identify candidate most fitting for a general "human rights platform" and make sure they are supporting that candidate. IT IS IMPORTANT to understand each Jr these groups are looking for a candidate that fits their specific issues, for example Rainbow may be looking for a gender rights candidate where as BLM may be looking for an African American candidate are on who is willing to commit to the mantra "black lives matter." The conservative movement is very aware of these sublties and exploits them to keep us divided. It is our goal to convince leadership of groups to agree in principle that the one thing we all want is human rights and to win elections and if we are divided over four or five candidates we will not win contested seats. 4. You can work outside your district. The same message is important in all districts. Plus leadership is murky and gettingntje word out can be a challenge. 5. The bottom line is for every group to know they can keep their identity and that Six Percent just means they are united with other groups for the cause of human rights. Trend sixpercent, and we make a difference. We don't want money. Their undying loyalty, or fame. We just want to win elections. 6. We will keep you apprised of all town halls, protests, and marches between now and 2020 elections. Attending as a representative of six Percent will bring needed attention and garner credibility. 7. We have to sell t shirts, caps, and signs. Branding is important. So that people don't have to worry we are trying to make a profit, there is a drop down menu when they buy merchandise to designate the charity they want us to fund with their purchase. I'm not trying to get rich or famous. I only want to win elections. Six Percent is enough to sway who wins or loses in most major elections. In other words, six Percent is the deciders. So it's not so overwhelming. We only need six Percent of electorate, and we can hold offices for a generation. Long enough that all above groups platforms can be addressed and made into law. There is no leader. No one has stepped up. The right isn't even showing interest in elections because they only have to keep us divided. So, it's down to is. No Kennedy, no celebrity, no civil rights icons, just we, the people. We can do this. You can do this. Pleas pass to discussion. Let's strategize, exchange ideas, help one another. A leader will arise. When they do, we will be ready and it's our vote, who will decide whom wins an election. Not billionaires, not secret super PAC. From this day forward, the will of the people, is the super PAC.
  4. Hello

    The magic of the old pirate. Twitter is great but sometimes you need 142 characters and a place to do it. Facebook is fine but you may not want to argue with your family, at least, every time. Someone has to pick up the slack. Plus a little seo and help from a few of you to keep a few topics active if for no other reason, than curiosity.
  5. Hello

    Enough for a circle jerk. Y'all don't be so down. There'll be one forum for all the oldies to have non political chats. And if you're in the mood you might jump in a political one here and there if it strikes your fancy. Playing the odds. If we get a thousand new members (which we will) at least 200 will want to have chats like y'all have. 200 talking about camping or best new ice chest, is quite a lot. It's a win win. Do you really care if their gay, or black, or a woman?
  6. Dream Car Drive

    Look up old thread by capt Buddha. Can't remember the name of his rock crawler but great video and pics from events around the country.
  7. Trump is trying to get me killed

    Big changes coming. It's gonna mix y'all up but you'll find your way around.
  8. Well, it's shark week

    We were. Well, I was.
  9. Turn out the lights, the party's over

    I share your sadness. We were down to 5 or six active members including me. Our site size was 37 gigs. Our software (albeit innovative) is extremely expensive and we're in too deep to convert it to a cheaper resource like phpbb. I tried. I no longer boat or ride motorcycles. I don't have a hot rod or sports car. No atvs. I'm just an old man screaming at cable news 24/7 and finally decided to do something about it. And I will. As goes my interest, so goes the site. If I were a betting man, and I am, I'd bet you'll all be on. If I might make a recommendation?? Sixoldgeezers.com meet there. They'll be glad to have you. And you'll be glad to have them. Before this day is over, these threads will be gone. See ya
  10. until
    We're fed up with lawmakers who have blocked minimum wage increases and gutted union rights. Join us this Labor Day, September 4, along with Fight for $15 workers in over 300 cities going on strike and declare that America Needs Unions! Good union jobs in factories once created stable, secure work that allowed families to thrive. Hospital work and other service work is now the backbone of our economy, but too many Americans whowork in these jobs are falling behind, so for the first time ever, non-union hospital workers will be joining us in the streets! Protests will kick off early Labor Day morning! Stand with us and let's come together to demand justice in our economy!
  11. until
    Join us on our monthly neighborhood canvassing/blockwalkings inAustin as we spread community awareness and community education.
  12. As more of Trump's regime get comfortable in their new positions of power for which they have little-to-no qualification, they find new ways to implement the heinous ideas they believe they are empowered to undertake. They spend every day crafting and implementing policies with destructive consequences for our country, our world and our future. Fortunately, organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) continue to fight on behalf of The People, seeking to minimize or delay the impacts of these terrible actions and policies to the extent possible. In early August, the ACLU filed a class action lawsuit against Trump and his administration over the illegal detention of immigrant teenagers for “unsubstantiated claims of gang affiliation.” ...the ACLU accuses ICE and the Office of Refugee Resettlement of detaining children and transporting them to detention facilities without notifying their parents or lawyers. The organization alleges that ICE is detaining and deporting the immigrant teens “under the guise of a ‘crackdown’ on transnational street gangs” and accuses the federal agency of making arrests based on “unreliable claims of gang affiliation and flawed reports of criminal history.” “We’re talking about teens who were picked up for play-fighting with a friend, or for showing pride in their home country of El Salvador,” Stephen Kang, an attorney with the ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project, said in the release. “The Office of Refugee Resettlement is accepting wholesale that young immigrants should be kept behind bars because of what they look like or where they come from.” The ACLU class action lawsuit seeks the release of the teens who are the plaintiffs in the case as well as an injunction to prevent the government from further detaining immigrant children without cause. The ACLU keeps fighting for us and we should support they and other organizations who will prevent Trump and the Republican majority from achieving their goals. The ACLU has launched numerous lawsuits against Trump’s administration since he took office, suing over Trump’s travel ban and challenging the legality of his voter fraud commission.
  13. The Flood of our lifetime, again. Hurricane Andrew; a once in 100 year storm - Super Storm Sandy; a once in 500 year storm - Hurricane Harvey; a once in 1,000 year storm. As these storms reintroduce us to the phrase "Storm Surge" the movement under the storm, so rises the American Spirit, the movement under the white noise of political anarchy.The Flood of our Lifetime Erases Personal Politics, Racism, and Division - and we once again become a melting pot accentuating the brilliance of what makes America truly great; Race, Ideology and Political Persuasion, melted into a single-minded purpose: Humanity. The United States of America has had many interesting weeks lately – We found some very creative ways to highlight our differences - how to hurt each other - new ways to express anger - costumes meant to instill fear - and organizations, clubs, or groups that further accentuate our differences.Depending on your source of news or private "social-media" reality, we're either at the brink of civil war, on the precipice of a race and class uprising, or simply "emboldened” to call upon that darkest, most secret, stain of racism, hate, or accusations of blame that sully's the dark recess of our heart. Or maybe.. Russia is fucking with us and using a cosmic "satellite operational chaos-anarchy (S.O.C.A.) super-ray-gun? Or maybe, they have another way in, we yet understand, but when we do, we will kick their ass just like we always have: together!The media has overwhelmed anyone within reach; (the way they do) largely through thoughtful presentations of tabloid style journalism; "first time in history" threats to our existence: "first time in history" political Armageddon: and "first time in history" a dozen ways to civil unrest. Always dozen reasons and dozens of fears, each [of course] pitting us against one another so they harvesting their mutual product, ratings. America has become a tinderbox fueled by the worst versions of what freedom fundamentally provides. We spoke freely, we spoke angrily and we spoke hurtfully. We honored this first amendment, barely. We allowed each others’ civil rights, reluctantly. We pay homage to the 2nd amendment and bear our arms, but view the enemy... as one other. We allow freedom of religion, then use our prejudices and fears of [some] religions against their believers. We slander one another through the anonymity of social media, and the right to privacy dies a little more every time we dox (expose private information) someone we think deserving, to say nothing of what some fear a government (foreign or domestic) may be doing to manipulate our privacy utilizing social media platforms to divide us even more. Not surprisingly, groups and organizations of every color and belief, ran away from [what should be] the unity provided by the Bill of Rights — and compartmentalize with others of their own kind or own belief - creating a [false] safety-in-numbers scrum - false because any section of us divided; is less than the whole; and while we war with each other, the government operates untethered. And then it rained. And rained. And rained. And the colors ran together, politics became fuzzy, a race became: how quickly could we could get there to aid those in need. After a few bumps and bruises from 7 months of division and hate, we are reminded that when faced with natural or man made disaster, we care less about the color of a helping hand and more about the hands available to clutch. It has taken a flood of biblical proportion outside this beltway that isolates Washington D.C. from the country it leads to remind us of who we are. Without government, without media influence, we united in the blue basin of a red state that is now one - that is now without color - and a melting pot once again for a singular cause: Humanity. As drab as whatever color a melting pot is, in the end, it is a majestic Red, White, and Blue. These are the colors of Americans. Not brown, black, yellow, beige, red, green, or white. These are the colors that preserve and provide: The United States of America.
  14. until
    14th annual International Human Rights Summit