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We do not have a lot of rules and pride ourselves in minimal moderation. We will moderate when necessary so follow these simple rules and you will not have a problem.

Only Disruptive Discourse Forums allow Flaming. All posts in other forums will be removed.

Do not carry arguments or hard feelings over to other forums outside Disruptive Discourse.

Do not make any personal threats. This will get you banned. There are no second chances.

Do not use personal information against another member.Revealing personal information about another member will get you banned.

Do not post images or videos of disturbing content. We do not need to see dead soldiers, dead babies, or grossly disfigured people. These images will not change opinions and they only have shock value. Posting these will get you temporarily banned (10 days) the first offence and permanently banned the second offence.

We require that you be at least 21 years old to join sixpercent.org.

By registering as a member you are certifying you are at least 21 years of age and forum content is legal in your state.